“What can we say? We love food and making it!
My husband and myself are inspired by taste & both
enjoy creating new flavours. We have 3 beautiful young 
children who are always ready to test & try a new batch of
our bakes... especially the sweet bakes!
Baking gives us a sense of peace & happiness and we hope
you can taste this when you eat our baked goods.'
Our bread loaves:
are made with Shipton Mill Flours (small local mill in Glous)
and our 18 YEAR OLD SOURDOUGH STARTER (we call it ‘the mother’)
with a kick of fresh yeast to give a good rise. And we
feel there is no better bread made with sourdough. For those 
of us who cannot eat bleached bathroom sponge AKA regular 
white bread, sourdough is a real treat in flavour and texture. 
It is always full of vitality as the fermentation releases and
creates flavours which are very appealing and usually have 
bold wheaten notes.

Our cakes:
are also made from the best flours from Shipton Mill & our
finest ingredients which gives our cakes a scrumptious and
memorable taste. 


Name:  Michele Fricker

Position:  Mommy, Wife, Owner & Baker

Phone: +44 78 82030054

E-mail: crustandcrumbs@ymail.com


Name:  Jason

Position:  Daddy, Husband & Baker

Name:  Mary-jane, Samuel & Jack

Position:  Master food critics :)


The inspiration of these beautiful children & the love of baking has created this company...

Where to find us:

Crust and Crumbs

Home Bakery

51 Blackhorse Road 



BS16 9BE

Phone: +44 78 82030054


Email: crustandcrumbs@ymail.com


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